A BIG Slap on the face for Penang DCM 2 Prof Ramasamy

Yesterday concluded DAP CEC Re-Election shows Penang DCM2 YB Professor Dr Ramasamy has failed again to make the cut into top 20 CEC member in DAP. YB Professor Dr Ramasamy who like to project himself as most powerful Indian opposition leader in the country for being historically claimed DCM 2 post , failed to secure in top 20 CEC election in DAP since his debut from 2008. Its a big shame a person of such so called powerful position couldnt secure a berth in CEC. The DAP central delegates has smartly voted out this arrogant DCM 2 of Penang, to say the whole process was racially embedded is wrong as the central delegate has voted in 2 Indians, 1 Malay & 1 Punjab candidate in to CEC. It clearly shows the central delegate doesnt like this DCM 2 of Penang

YB Professor Dr Ramasamy , known for his vocal for Eelam ppl issue but when comes to his own backyard ppl in Perai , he fails miserably too. The recent flood in Perai , has tested his capability of being an ADUN there, which he couldnt deliver much for the ppl. As a DCM2 , hr should hv the whole state machinery behind him to help the ppl of Perai, who sufferes in this flood but he couldnt mobilise any help to reduce ppl's suffering. There is no point you champion Tamil Eelam ppl issue when your own ppl who voted in you for the state assemblymen post suffers & you couldnt help them in time of need.

YB Prof Ramasamy also known for meddling & questioning other party & federal govt, he  should from now on focus in to his consistuency & how to help ppl of Perai in time of need. If not he might loose his so called most powerful post of DCM 2.

Kudos to DAP central delegate to vote him out & vote in YB Kulasegaran & YB Sivakumar...indeed its a tight slap in the face for DCM 2 YB Prof Dr Ramasamy

Ketua Pemuda MIC
Pmtg Pauh