"Ramasamy’s festival political gimmick.” -Penang MIC Chairman Datuk M. Nyanasegaran

"Ramasamy’s festival political gimmick.”
-Penang MIC Chairman
Datuk M. Nyanasegaran

The so-called exodus of MIC leaders and members to join the ruling party in Penang, the DAP, on Saturday was described by MIC as the “Ramasamy’s festival political gimmick.”

Penang MIC chairman Datuk M. Nyanasegaran said the party checks found that some leaders and members from the party Kampung Batu Ferringhi branch would leave and join the DAP.

He revealed that the branch leaders and members are joining the DAP in anticipation to secure a better compensation package for them pertaining to the imminent Kampung Chetty – Kampung Mutiara development in Batu Ferringhi.



“We wish the best of luck to the leaders and members and also thank them for their service to MIC all these years,” said Nyanasegaran in a statement today.

Deputy Chief Minister II (DCM2) P. Ramasamy has called for a press conference on Saturday January 19, 2019 apparently to parade a mass of MIC leaders and members leaving the party to join the DAP.

But Nyanasegaran brushed aside Ramasamy’s claim as blowing up things out of proportion.

He said Ramasamy had lived up to his reputation as a politician who would come up with regular festival political gimmick, in reference to the forthcoming Tamil Thaipusam festival.

Nyanasegaran suggested that Ramasamy was perhaps using the MIC members exit to resurrect his own waning political position in the DAP.

“Ramasamy is trying to blow up out of proportion the departure of MIC members from a branch to save his position in both the party and state government.

“Typical Ramasamy.

“He is always excited in making a brouhaha over a bunch of baloney during festival period.

“This is just another Ramasamy’s festival political gimmick.”